A homesick sheepdog made a remarkable 240-mile journey home to his birthplace in Wales after escaping from his new home in Cumbria.

In an incredible story, that echoes the classic ‘Lassie Come Home’, four-year-old working dog Pero is reported as having returned to the village of Penrhyncoch, Ceredigion by foot, 12 days after escaping from his new owners in Cockermouth. He turned up on the doorstep of his original owners Alan and Shan James limping and a little thinner than before, but in otherwise good condition.

Legendary hounds that have made ‘epic’ journeys home include:

  • Bobbie the Wonder Dog, said to have walked of over 2,500 miles from Indiana to Oregon in 1924 six months after becoming separated from his owners on a road trip.
  • More recently, three-year-old black Labrador Bucky reportedly astonished his owner Mark Vessels by travelling 500 miles from Winchester, Virginia to Myrte Beach, South Carolina, where Mr Vessels had moved for work in 2012.

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