Raw Food

When it comes to the perfect diet for your pet we offer a complete range of products. More importantly, we are finding that our customers are going over to raw food as their animals prefer it and owners can trust it to be pure and nutritious. We are main stockists for Benyfit Natural, Natures Menu, Natural Instincts, The Dogs Butcher, and Manifold Valley Meats. Tadley Pet Supplies has also just been appointed as a supplier for Henley Raw Dog Food.

If you’re looking for something in particular, give us a call on 0118 981 9996 as we’re sure we can meet your meat needs.

Henley Raw Dog Food

Dogs have eaten raw dog food for over 10,000 years – it’s what their bodies are designed for. Tadley Pet Supplies has just become one of the first UK stockists of Henley raw dog food which  offers a more natural and nutritious way to feed your dog. A raw food diet can make your dog happier and healthier too. Henley raw dog food is all about feeding your dog the way nature intended.  In a very short time your dog’s health and well being can improve dramatically.

Example prices are below but you can also download a full PDF price list by clicking here.

Henley Raw Dog Food 
Chicken Mince (Approx 50% bone – no offal) 1Kg £1.60
1kg Lamb chunks  £5.50
1kg Oily Fish Mince (can be a mix of Salmon, Sprats, Sardines or Mackerel) £2.80

Poppy’s Picnic

We’re a main stockist for ‘Poppy’s Picnic’ in Hampshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

This Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet provides your dog with all the healthy vitamins, minerals and natural oils they need to keep healthy. It can also help them lose excess body fat and improve muscle tone while the natural enzymes it contains help ensure proper digestion, aid the absorption of nutrients and keep your dog in tip-top condition.   Click here for the full product and price list.

Poppy’s Picnic 
Chicken Bone Complete 450g £1.80
Beef, Tripe & Bone 450g  £2.25
Beef Bone 450g £2.10
Poppy’s Picnic 
Chicken Enhanced  £2.80
Lamb Enhanced £3.30
Puppy Expert – Weaning or Follow-on paste 450g £1.80


In 2016 we were  appointed a stockist for ‘Smartbarf’ which provides a valuable extra for raw fed dogs as it is made from a careful combination of beneficial nutrients and vitamins from herbs, vegetables, fruits, seeds and more so when added to meat, it makes any meal complete! Remember to add a supply to your order today.


Natural Instinct

This range of premier natural dog and cat foods is manufactured locally in Camberley. Click here to download the full Natural Instinct RRP product list but key example foods comprise:

Cat Food 2 x 500g 2 x 250g
Beef & Chicken £4.61 £3.55
Country Banquet Chicken Organic £5.95 £4.36
Wild Venison £5.70 £3.96
Pure Duck £3.90  1Kg pack £3.41
Natural Instinct Range 1 Kg 2 x 500g
Natural Beef Tripe £3.76 £4.26
Natural Chicken £3.06 £3.55
Natural Special Diet (beef & chicken) £3.85 £4.36
Natural Puppy (chicken & beef liver) £3.06 £3.55
Working Dog Range 1 Kg 2 x 500g
Working Dog Beef £3.25 £3.75
Working Dog Chicken £2.65 £3.15
Working Dog Chicken & Tripe £3.20 £3.70
Working Dog Salmon £3.25 £3.75
Bones & Treats
Lamb (half head)  £3.45
Play Bones (small 0.7kg)  £2.76
Lamb Paddywack (200g bag) £2.49
Beef Pipes  (for two)  £1.75

BENYFIT Natural 

You can download details of the full range of this popular natural dog food by clicking here but key examples comprise:

BENYFIT Natural  1 Kg 500g
Tasty Turkey £3.65 £2.10
Tender Chicken £4.10 £2.10
Tripe Complete £4.10 £2.15
Senior Chicken or Turkey £4.50 £2.30
BENYFIT Natural  1 Kg 500g
Meat Feast £4.10 £2.15
Sensitive £4.10 £2.15
Puppy Chicken or Turkey £4.65   £2.40
 Premium Blend £5.15 £2.65

Paleo Ridge Raw

Paleo Ridge Raw is a family run working dog food business operating out of rural Hampshire that always seeks to provide an outstanding personal service and insists on ethical (organic where possible) free range produce. Click here for a full product and price list of the popular and unusual products available.

Paleo Ridge Raw                                                     1 Kg
Beef  Chunks  £4.20
Organic Chicken Carcass Mince £2.40
Duck Hearts £3.65
Paleo Ridge Raw – Specials                                   1 Kg
Oily Fish – whole £3.35
 Kangaroo, Ostrich, Wild Boar or Zebra Chunks (500g) £3.60 /£4.1
Beef, Rabbit & Duck – Complete  £4.35

The Dogs Butcher 

Another range of outstanding products that are proving popular with dog and pet owners looking for quality products and a personal service Click here for a full product and price list of what’s available.

The Dogs Butcher               1 Kg
Horse Meat Chunks  £5.10
Venison Hearts (single whole heart – typically up to 500g* but may fall below this)  £1.75*
Duck Liver £3.40
The Dogs Butcher               1 Kg
Puppy Mince – Lamb Tripe complete with Duck – 10% bone £2.50
Boneless Mince – Ox Tripe  £2.00
Mince with Bone – Duck  (approx 50% bone)  £1.90